A sophisticated dining room

This dining room was feeling a little under the weather with the wallpaper falling down, the lath and plaster ceiling cracking under the woodchip wallpaper, and the walls in need of repair.

The cracked lath and plaster ceiling in this dining room was hidden under woodchip wallpaper which, once removed, revealed a history of water damage around the bay window. The damaged ceiling had to be repaired (read about this in our blog here), the walls stripped, repaired, lined then painted, the woodwork sanded, filled and painted.

The feature wall was colour matched to Farrow and Balls Incyra Blue using Caparol Amphibolin paint, a heavy duty, multipurpose, scrub resistant, high quality paint, and the other walls used Caparol Premium Clean colour matched to Farrow and Ball Dove Tale – to match the colours in the fireplace. Having two children and a dog meant that the walls needed to be washable!