Our top 5 reasons to hire a professional decorator will help you decide whether hiring a painter and decorator is the right step for you.

Better product knowledge and wider range of products

With so many products on the market, knowing which product is right for your surface and environment or which quality paint gives a lasting finish is now harder than ever. A professional painter and decorator will have access to a wider range of quality products, colours and styles than you may find in a DIY store. They will have tried and tested many products and can offer expertise with recommendations for paints, colours, brands and finishes. Among the quality products recommended by Revolution Finish are Albany, Caparol, Johnstone’s and Tikkurila. Whilst wallpaper choice is very personal, we can recommend quality paper options and brands.

Quality tools

Decorating requires numerous tools to enable you to complete work to a high standard. It can be quite daunting when taking on DIY to knowing which tools to use for the best outcome – stripping knives, paint scrapers, rollers, wallpapering tools, filling equipment, fixing and measuring tools, power tools, safety equipment and the latest modern equipment like Airless Paint Sprayers. High quality trade tools have a longer life span and are designed for frequent use, so when you hire a professional painter and decorator, you get access to all the best tools and equipment, and someone who is trained to used them! You also won’t need to find more storage to store all the tools!

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

The secret to a successful decorating project lies in preparation; it could be said that a good decorating job is 90% preparation and 10% painting. Making sure the area is properly cleaned of all dirt, grease, old paint and paper, and that all fittings and furnishings are protected.

Any professional decorator will tell you that the secret to a successful decorating project lies in preparation. It could be said that a good decorating job is 90% preparation and 10% decorating; removing wallpaper, sanding paintwork, filling in cracks and holes, smoothing, making sure the area is properly cleaned of all dirt and grease, and that all fittings, furnishings and floors are protected. These are the jobs that often get skimmed over quickly when you do your own decorating, but high-quality preparation makes for a high-quality finish.
As your professional painter and decorator, Revolution Finish will ensure that all your preparations take place as you expect.

Superior finish

As City and Guilds trained professional painter and decorator, I have extensive training and experience in how to provide the best finish possible for your project. A quality finish can be achieved by using a particular roller pile, or brush type, or from using our new airless spray-painting services. There are also many techniques that professional decorators learn both in training and over time with experience such as the best ways to hang certain types of wallpapers, how to deal with wonky angles, the best cutting in and back rolling techniques, how to apply decorative effects, the best way to prepare and paint woodwork and panelled doors…

Call us now to see the difference Revolution Finish can make to your project.

Save time, effort and budget!

Do you dream of spending your annual leave decorating? Or perhaps you want to use your holiday time to pursue a more relaxing activity? Whatever your occupation, whatever you do, it’s more than likely that you are busy – with work, family life or both. In our hectic lives, we rarely have time on our side, and time is something you will never get back. Hiring a professional decorator is a wise decision to save you your time, and doesn’t always cost as much as you think. Why not let us give you a quote?

From buying paint tester pots, decorating tools and cleaning equipment – the cost soon adds up – to prepping surfaces and the time spent actually decorating, renovating your home is not always plain sailing and can regularly become stressful. Why not just sit back and let the professionals do the work?

Don’t want to take time off work to paint your room? Call Revolution Finish now and let us help you save your time for the important things in life.

So there you have it, our top 5 reasons to hire a professional decorator. Why not contact us today to arrange your quote and see how Revolution Finish can help your project. We offer professional painting and decorating services including spray painting, wallpapering, interior and exterior painting and commercial decorating. When you hire Revolution Finish you can be assured, you’ll be getting the best quality service.

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