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This helps to allow more natural light in the room. It is also better for covering when painting as 99% of us have white ceilings.

Dries quicker

Airless spray painting

With only 3% water content, spray plaster dries up to four times quicker to apply than conventional traditional gypsum plaster. After final coat of plaster, we are usually able to start painting the very next day whereas traditional plaster on average needs 5 days to fully dry before painting.

Another thing we have noticed is you can feel the room is not so damp with spray plaster. Previously working on other jobs with traditional plaster you can feel how damp it is in the air for days after it has been completely plastered.

More flexible

Spray plaster is not as brittle as traditional plastering, so it makes it more flexible and adhere to surfaces a lot better.

No waste

The product already comes pre-mixed, once finished all the left over material can be stored ready to be used again, creating less waste which is better for the environment.

Less mess

Airless spray painting

Because spray plaster comes pre-mixed, there no mixing involved, less likelihood of spillage, less dust. We use a dust free sander to help combat the little remaining dust. There is minimal cleaning up afterwards and overspray is almost non-existent. It is amazing to think you will not have that usual cloud of dust floating around the house that you get with traditional plastering.

Can be applied over certain wallpapers

It is true, spray plaster can be applied over some wallpapers as it only has 3% water content and dries so quickly. This means it prevents the paste of the wallpaper reactivating and pulling the wallpaper away from the surface.

For example let’s say you got old woodchip paper with traditional plaster you would have to strip off the woodchip that takes a while to then PVA the ceiling to wait for that to dry in order to start plastering. Spray plaster once tested can go straight over the wallpaper saving time, money and mess.

2 trades in 1

Will the plasterer turn up on time before the decorator is due to start? Will the plaster be dry in time for the decorator to start painting? Has the plasterer done an awful job but you don’t notice until you paint the surface and the natural light hits it? There are many issues with having to call in multiple tradespeople for a decorating job. Having one tradesperson or company to spray plaster and paint your project allows you more confidence that your room will be finished within your specified timings, one easy to handle quote, and a superb finish!

Airless spray plaster